Why you should use paid advertising online

Firstly, we need to start off with the question ‘What is paid advertising?’. Quite simply paid advertising is any kind of advertising you have to pay for versus owned or earned advertising.

With paid advertising you pay the owner of a specific space to make use of it with your brand.

There are several categories of paid advertising, including pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI), and display ads.

The usefulness of paid advertising

Any effective marketing campaign will make use of all channels of advertising. This includes paid advertising. Although paid advertising comes with a bigger cost than that of owned or earned advertising, it comes with the benefit of reaching a much larger audience.

Want to promote your product in a specific area? This is easily achieved through paid advertising.

These adverts are usually located at the top or on the side of websites or google searches. With the option of having your advertisement placed on more popular sites/pages in order to increase your traffic drastically.

One of the big advantages of paid advertising is it gives you the boost you want right now! It takes away the wait you have for someone to organically find and follow your social media account or click onto your website. In a sense paid advertisements leads the horse to water.

Lastly, it is also easier to broadcast your message across multiple pages using paid advertisements. Most social media sites now offer paid advertisements, while tracking your results, showing how effective your campaign is/has been.

4 Tips if you are going to do it yourself
  1. Create unique adverts that target specific audiences
  2. Use eye catching images
  3. Push visitors through a landing page before anything else
  4. Establish a strategy/budget you are prepared to pay (But remember you get what you pay for)
Moola Marketing’s answer to using paid advertising

Paid adverts are an amazing thing that can open up revenue streams you never knew existed. When used correctly they don’t damage your reputation and provide a quick fix to getting you onto the first page of google now.

If you are unsure of how to frame an advert then consult a specialist, this way you can guarantee results.

Need help running a paid advert?

If you are considering running a paid advertisement but are unsure how then contact one of the Moola Marketing team today to see how we can help your campaign.

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