Robert Brunsdon’s approach to unleashing the power of marketing on your business

Recently the Moola Marketing team and I have been leaving our comfortable office in Wolverhampton behind and hitting the road. Travelling across the UK to talk to new potential clients.

Our main goal is to show how Moola Marketing can help grow your business through a variety of different social media platforms and traditional marketing.

My big learning curve

When at a meeting I always slip in the line we are now in the golden age of social media advertising. Why, you might ask? Well it’s simple, we really are in the golden age.

I take great pride in how much market research the Moola Marketing team and I take part in. While undertaking some research for a potential new ecommerce client, I stumbled across a report. It stated how professional social media advertising increased an ecommerce company’s revenue by 714% within 3 months!

I was completely blown away. It was hard to admit Moola Marketing had been out performed, even though we show ROI levels which are amazing in there self. However, seeing these stats spurred me to research what methods had used to get these incredible results. This way we can pass these levels of returns to all out customers in the future.

When I saw the key ingredient of the campaign I wasn’t shocked at all, it was the advertising budget!

With an advertising budget of £1000.00 a month I was quickly brought up to speed. This brought me straight back to my mother’s favourite saying “You only get out of life what you put into it”. This quote is 100% transferable from life to marketing and advertising. Treat your marketing without the right level of respect and expect to get results mirror this.

Our next outings

The Moola team will be on their travels away from Wolverhampton for the rest of January. We are attending The Midlands Business Expo on the 26th. Then making our way to the Recruitment Agency Expo at the London Olympia on the 31st to support our clients that are attending. If you are attending either of these events, get in touch for a face to face chat on how we can help you.

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