How to set up an Instagram profile for your business

Instagram has become a giant in the scene of social media, which makes it something your business can’t afford to ignore. Instagram has 800 million active monthly users, with 500 million of those users being on daily. There are 95 million photos uploaded per day, which share 4.2 billion likes being spread across them.

When it comes to capitalising on these numbers you must ensure your profile is set up correctly.

So here are some tips from Moola Marketing for how you should set up your business Instagram profile.

Recognisable profile

Make sure your profile is recognisable, just like you would a Facebook or Twitter account. Your user name should be consistent with what you already have. Just look at ours – @moolamarketinglimited, how wouldn’t you know this is us. This way our customers can find us easily and become our Instagram followers.

If you find your name is already taken, try to come up with a very close variation.

You can then add to this by filling out your business name in the profile section helping you show up in searches. Also by making sure your profile picture is your brand logo or something people associate with your business.

Have an informative bio

You only get a small space to make your brand stand out, use it well, give people a reason to follow you.

This should be exciting, interested, brand specific and informative. While also making use of any key hashtags that your customers could use when creating content attached to your brand.

Be findable

Most people make the mistake of having the wrong privacy settings. Make sure your account is on public! This is the default setting, but there’s always the chance your profile is set to private.

Attach your website to your profile

The best social media strategies point customers in the direction to purchase your products. This is no different with Instagram. Direct customers back to relevant parts of your website from your Instagram profile, this way your most engages followers will find their way to buying your products.

Need help setting up your Instagram account

If you need help with creating an Instagram account or would like someone to optimise and manage an already made account, then contact one of the Moola Marketing team today.

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