How to get more likes and follows on social media platforms

Starting a social media account for your business is like being the new kid at school. You are always going to start the first day with no friends and wonder how you are going to make some.

This leads me on to a question we constantly get asked, ‘How do I get more likes and followers on social media?’

Here are a few ideas on how to get more followers on social media.

The correct social media set up

The first thing to do in order to get more followers on your Twitter and Facebook is make sure your page is set up correctly. This includes having a full ‘About Me’ section, profile images, your services and posts. Other things to consider in the set-up phase are joining the right groups and tags, while ensuring you’re worth clicking that ‘follow’ button for.

Be findable

If people can’t find your social media pages how will they follow you? Make sure you like your social pages from your website, email campaigns, email signatures and anything else you send out. Get your business page out there, giving people the nudge to find and engage with your social profiles and content.

There are even plenty of integration buttons that can be added to your website or emails making this even easier.

Make your content shareable

This point is quite simple, with engaging content being liked and shared the natural trend is you will gain more followers. This helps spread the number of people you could potentially reach to that of the sharers friends. While promoting conversations on your own page further adding to your brand image, instantly attracting more users.

Be consistent

It is no good just posting once in a blue moon! So often we see social media profiles that haven’t posted for months or post once a month. People will always be reluctant to follow these pages as they don’t offer the engagement we as humans want. Set yourself a target of posting once a day or every other day and replying to your audience. It may be time consuming but in the long run your business will benefit from it.

Still struggling? Get an expert to do it for you 

Social media is difficult to crack, with the constant changing algorithms and trends. It can be really difficult to know where to start or when to change what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to get someone else to do it. That is where Moola Marketing can come in to help you. Whether you just need as social media health check, a strategy or want full social media management with set up we can help. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your businesses social media up and running and generating revenue for your business.

If you need help with your social media accounts and want to gain more followers and likes, then contact one of the Moola Marketing team today.

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