A logo can be described as “the face of a company”, your brand speaks for your business before you get a chance to. It’s important your logo is unique, makes a strong first impression and represents your business in the best way possible. Our in house Graphic Designer is at hand to create you an incredible brand


text about general branding here – email signatures etc.

Social media content:

To maintain brand continuity, it’s vital your social media pages are consistent with your branding. By using a graphic designer to create your social media posts, not only does it look more professional you also receive bespoke content helping your page stand out from the crowd.

Advert design:

We create ads to grab your potential clients attention, whether this is for social media or for print. We can design digital ads, flyers, pop up banners, billboards, you name it!


Although an advert design is important, it’s just as important that your advert is targetted to the correct people. Moola was set up as both a design and marketing company as we feel that they both go hand in hand! Click here to see how we can help you with your online ads.


Both digital and traditional flyers are extremely effective for a business. We can get creative by designing a custom made flyer, that’s both informative and aesthetically pleasing. Flyers give your potential customers something tangible to keep, you can also use them to measure how successful your marketing campaign has been by adding a discount code or QR code to the design.