Yes, the title of this is slightly redundant as we all know its power, but it is a statement I seem to use quite often when I’m out and about. We all know the power LinkedIn has on our digital marketing and we have all felt it in the business world. However, I don’t believe there are many people who utilise its power, which is exactly why I seem to bat this statement around so much. So, I think it was about time I gave my two cents on utilising this tricky platform efficiently.

LinkedIn and I have always had a great relationship, I have used it in every job I have had in my adult life, I can’t really count my paper round or my cigarette school hustle. When I first started Moola, I knew from day dot that this would be the main platform I would use to grow my professional network and hunt for new clients. In the massively competitive industry that is digital marketing, it seemed the most efficient approach.

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Here are three tips to ensure you feel LinkedIn’s power in your digital marketing:

1. Industries your process.

Factor in a social media marketing strategy specifically for LinkedIn. Basically what I mean is determine your aims and objectives for the platform and then implement a process to ensure your goals are achieved. For example, if your objective is to generate a minimum of 10 meetings per month off the back of LinkedIn leads, then you need to have a strategic process for connecting and messaging your potential leads. Me personally I am really not a fan of the pre-connection message, it just seems to forward and intrusive, plus you will damage your connection acceptance rate.


2. Stick to the process.

If you have set your target of 10 meetings and generating leads through sending 20 messages a day, make sure you get your messages done, yes, it is something that can easily be overlooked but it also something that can easily be achieved in 30 minutes and could be the difference between zero sales that month and five. If you find yourself not sticking to the process, or you aren’t seeing the success you want from your LinkedIn social media strategy, get in touch with us.


3. Don’t pay for anything!

LinkedIn is great however its paid services aren’t there yet, but they are getting there. They have recently added video adverts, but they still fall short for the price. There is so much that can be done for free on LinkedIn the gold square really isn’t need either, yes it might mean something to you, but it can all be done without paying for it. Put that money towards a digital marketing agency like us and then you will at least get leads coming back to you.

If you have any questions regarding LinkedIn or would like to discuss how a digital marketing agency can help you with your LinkedIn’s social media marketing strategy to generate leads please contact us a call 01902 267 330.

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