5 Benefits of using Instagram for your business

As mentioned in a previous article Instagram has 800 million active monthly users, with 500 million of those users being on daily. There are 95 million photos uploaded per day with 4.2 billion likes being spread across them.

In with those accounts you will find 90% of the world’s top 100 brands. With so many brands and business using this platform you’re probably starting to wonder why you aren’t. Maybe it’s you don’t see the benefit to being on there if you are a small or medium sized business.

Well with that in mind here are 5 benefits of using Instagram for your business.

33% of Instagram users have purchased something online by using the app

That’s right you read the subheading correctly. 33% of users have used the app to purchase something online. This should be music to your ears, as this means more sales! Most business owners are looking to create more sales and Instagram is one way this can happen.

Alongside this 75% of users will visit your website after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

Building audiences that stay connected with your brand

Instagram is very much like Facebook, in terms of paid advertising capabilities but it also has a very good organic function.

Simply put you don’t need to directly pay for advertising in certain scenarios.

It is easier to build your followers organically on Instagram, this allows for natural relationships. These people really buy into and like the look of your brand.

This makes these followers easier to sell to compared to ones you gain from a Facebook ad.

It helps strengthen your relationship with your followers and potential customers

You are guaranteed to see a lot of engagement on your Instagram posts without having to pay for it. This engagement is 10 times higher compared to Facebook and 84 times higher compared to Twitter.

These users like 4.2 billion posts a day, of course you will gain a lot of engagement.

With these engagement rates your followers will increase daily and have the chance to turn this engagement into people who are customers for your business.

Helps you understand the likes and dislikes of your customers

Instagram is a great tool to learn about the habits and tendencies of your target audience. You can see what kind of content they like best and what content they dislike. Along with the accounts they follow and those they don’t.

This information can be crucial when making your content as you know what content will create the most value for your business.

Instagram creates a visual platform

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is purely visual with the odd bit of text if you wish. This means people are more likely to remember your brand because of eye catching imagery. Compared this to a status you could just glance over on Facebook and you’re onto a winner.

You can even use videos which tend to outperform images on social media.

This means it is the best social media key to building your brand image and style. This presence will make people recognise anything you do no matter where it is.

Need help managing your Instagram account

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