Social Media Marketing For E-Commerce

Social media platforms are quickly becoming business storefronts, this is generally what the consumer see’s first, for e-commerce businesses you could even make the comparison that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram your new customer service staff and cashier.

When you start to look at your social media in this light you may come to the conclusion that it’s far more important than ever before.

For those of you who like the DIY approach here are two tips.

Cast a broader net in the E-Commerce pool

Like I said before your e-commerce business’ social profiles are now becoming your new storefront customers are increasingly visiting social media profiles to gather information not just about your business but also about your products. This is a great opportunity to grab browsing customers, stand out from the crowd and be bold. I’ve used this sentence before, but you know what makes you special make sure the world knows.

Ensure your marketing budget has a specific pot for social media advertising. Social media advertising can have incredibly positive effects on an e-commerce’s revenue streams when used correctly. As it injects steroids right into the net you’re casting, exposing your products to fresh customers. Facebook’s pixel is a great place to start and have a play with and when used correctly can see a 50% reduction in your cost-per-lead.

Customer Service/Engagement are E-Commerce gold

One knock on effect of social media I don’t believe is benefitting mankind is how impatient we have all become, we expect our information immediately or yesterday. Managing your social media efficiently will enable you to provide this immediacy to your new and existing customers.

Its key not to just think of social media as just another way to generate sales and drive traffic. Use the different platforms to demonstrate the value and pride you put into your products and customers. Showcase some unique content and show how your products enhance the customer experience, it’s not always about the hard sell.


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